Thin Calendar

Thin Calendar 0.1.0

Minimalist desktop calendar


  • Translucent bar is informative without being intrusive
  • Day is marked
  • No installation required


  • Google Calendar integration not functional
  • No options
  • Icons under the calendar are inaccessible

Not bad

Thin Calendar is a super basic calendar for people who like to have the date constantly in view.

This little Thin Calendar when running simply adds a translucent bar to the top of your desktop dispay, split into the days of the month. Today will be marked with a dot.

You can't move the Thin Calendar to the bottom or sides of your screen, and there are absolutely no options. What you can theoretically do is sync Thin Calendar with your Google Calendar. Enter your account details, restart and days where you have meetings should be red, and scrolling over them should give you information about your Calendar event.

Unfortunately, in tests on two different systems, we couldn't get this feature to work which left Thin Calendar as simply a dead piece of decoration on the dashboard. With Google integration, this might be quite useful, although even then it's probably too basic to bother using. Some more configuration options and better functionality are needed in future development of Thin Calendar.

Thin Calendar is as basic a calendar as you might find, but is annoyingly inflexible, and for Google integration, their desktop calendar is much better.

Thin Calendar


Thin Calendar 0.1.0

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